Looking for Guest Authors: A Web3 Standard Work

Looking for Guest Authors: A Web3 Standard Work

Call For Papers: Looking for guest authors for our Web3 standard work!

We at the Blockchain Reallabor, in cooperation with Fraunhofer FIT and Springer Verlag, will be publishing an English standard work on Web3 and Metaverse which currently has the working title of  “Tokenizing the Future – A Guide to Web3 and the Metaverse”.

For this project we are looking for guest authors who want to become a part of this unique project to apply until the 15th of September. The book will be the first of its kind to gather such a large amount of information all about these technologies and will soon be the standard reference for all questions surrounding Web3 and the Metaverse – a perfect opportunity for you to prove your expertise and, as part of such an influential work, make a name for yourself within the business.

The book will offer a comprehensive overview of the technology’s fundamentals, recent developments and use cases as well as its future challenges. Apart from the chapters open for guest contributions there will be an introduction and conclusion, a glossary as well as resources for further reading.

From fundamental knowledge about Web3 and the Metaverse over deeper insights into topics like Digital Economy and Tokenization as well as the legal situation, there will be a wide variety of information integrated into the book, which will be explained in more detail in the following overview:

I Web3 Fundamentals

Fundamental Knowledge about:

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Decentralization
  • Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets
  • Smart Contracts
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

II Metaverse

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • User-Created Content and Experiences
  • Social Interaction and Networking
  • Digital Economy and Commerce

III Tokenization

  • Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Tokenization of Real-World Assets
  • Gaming and Collectibles
  • Intellectual Property and Digital Art

IV Web3/Metaverse Use Cases

  • Decentralized Governance
  • Education and Training
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Virtual Workspaces & Collaboration
  • Production and Logistics

V Legal – Challenges & Opportunities

  • Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Privacy and Data Security
  • Scalability and Interoperability
  • Environmental Impact and Sustainability

VI Digital Economy


Until 15/09/2023: Application Phase

Following your application, you will receive a reply from us. After giving us a bit of basic information about you, you can begin writing your paper.

Until 30/12/2023: First Draft

We will need a first draft of your text until the 30th of December.

Until ~15/02/2024: Correction Phase

Up until about mid february of 2024, there will be a correction phase where we will review your draft and, together with you, make it into a finished product.

The publishing of the book is planned for spring of 2024.

Requirements for your text and important information

Please use: The official Springer word template for formatting of scientific papers: https://blockchain-reallabor.de/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Dokumentvorlage-mit-Springer-Satzspiegel.docx (Unfortunately, the template is only available in German. You can directly edit it in the file and use it to write your paper. In case the link is not clickable for you, just paste the URL into your browsers URL bar.)

There a few fundamental rules that all guest authors should follow when handing in their papers:

  • References: Springer Basic Style (based on Harvard style; for details see formatting guidelines by Springer Verlag)
  • A length of 6 to 12 DIN A4-Pages, more on request
  • Justified text
  • Scientific writing style
  • If possible, don’t include third-party material we would have to get the rights for. If you must, please contact us.

Concerning images and illustrations: Please note that any images will be black and white in the printed version by standard. If specific images are supposed to be in color across all mediums, please note these in a separate spreadsheet.

A more detailed guide on recommended formatting guidelines by the Springer Verlag can be found here: http://bcrl.nrw/?s=pQ8d1

In the case of any remaining questions, please contact:


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